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SPC 항목 :: SPC Item
SPC/2014/지속가능한 건축과 도시
SPC/2014/건축과 사회
강의시수 :: Lecture Hours
교과목명(국문) :: Title (Korean)
교과목명(영문) :: Title (English)
Theory of Housing and Settlement
실습시수 :: Exercise Hours
필수 :: Mandatory
학기 :: Semester
학점 :: Credit
학정번호::Course ID

주거문화와 삶, 생활과 공간, 주거의식의 행태, 주거환경 계획 등 기본적이고 본질적인 문제를 연구한다.

Housing is the container of family life and the formal constituent of dwelling culture. It reflects man’s cultivation of nature, the organization of family and communities, and the foundation of institution and order. Collective ideas are imprinted onto forms of human behavior and housing types. The course guides students to understand spatial diversity and temporal transition in urban housing. Based on the relationship between housing types and forms of behavior, students learn to consider the typological issues of architectural design. It provides broad knowledge on the ways in which housing design and planning contribute to the resident’s adjustment to environment. In addition, an in depth study of the formal development of Korean agricultural housing will be conducted.

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